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We offer a variety of services ranging from Landscaping, Maintenance and Planting.

Our friendly, experienced and dedicated staff are on hand to create your ideal landscape. Below is a list of our extensive range of services that we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us for enquiries on any of the items listed.

Gardening Services - Our Goal

Is to plan,plant and grow a successful landscape with only positive effects on the environment.

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The design of the garden can be the most crucial factor to consider when embarking on such a large project. We can design any type of garden layout and show graphically how the garden will transform. The design can be written to include colour renderings or architectural plans with legends and symbols in order to obtain planning permits when needed.

Hard Landscaping

For a relative small investment you can dramatically improve the value of your home with the addition of a hard landscape feature as listed below.

  • Patios and sun shades
  • Lock-Block designs
  • Paving, steps and tiles
  • Rockeries & loggeries
Water Features

A water feature can be one of the most rewarding home improvements that we can provide for your garden to be enjoyed all year round. Choose your water feature form a selection of fountains and ponds.

You can enjoy the immense satisfaction of creating your own pond and waterfall. Delight in the peaceful sound of your cascading waterfall, the reflection of the sky on the shimmering surface, and the tranquil movement of your fish in the clear water.

Timber Decking

For viewing your garden at leisure, we can supply you with a stunning timber flooring for your pleasure. We can design timber decking structures for almost any place in a garden, be it flat or sloping.

A timber deck is constructed like a false floor, which makes an outside space the same level as the interior. This creates the perfect solution for sloping sites, uneven ground and old and worn-out patios.

seeding and turfing services


Seeding and Turfing

A healthy lawn is an attractive feature which provides a clear area where you can walk, play or relax. There are 2 ways which we can lay lawns, seeding and turfing.

Turfing is a process when already the grown grass is laid and just needs to be put in place. Seeding is when the grass is planted and is allowed to grow on the lawn area, these two methods are equally feasible options for a world class lawn.

Plant And Flower Choice

Choosing the correct flowers and plants for your garden is one of the most important decisions you can make. We can give advice and guidance to make the appropriate choice.

Flowers give a maximum amount of pleasure with a minimum amount of work. Though the variety of soil and climatic conditions need to be taken into account, when planting various types of flowers and other plants. There needs to be some consideration made to decide on which plants complement each other and the garden in question e.g. lilies for a garden with a water feature.

Tree Planting

The planting of trees in your garden can add not only aesthetic appeal, but also cover from the elements and provide fresh fruit straight of the branch (no additives).

The trees can come in three different types for planting Bare Root, Ballad and Bur lapped & Container. When planted the balled and bur lapped plant does look the best, though the container version comes in a good shape, and of course the bare root shrub is still dormant so it doesn't look quite as good. But it costs a third less than the other two types. And if we planted these all right now, they'd all look pretty much the same by next year.

garden maintenance services

Maintenance Services


Well maintained lawns can be your pride and joy, adding to the enjoyment of using your garden we take the hassle out of the chore of maintaining a good lawn. The lawn services are:-

  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Mulching
  • Blowing (cleanup all debris)
  • Scarifying and Feeding
Plant Health

Total Plant Health Care (TPHC) is a method of understanding and implementing the maintenance requirements of plants in your garden, this service we can provide. Plant health considerations:-

  • Plant selection/layout
  • Soil irrigation/fertility
  • Pruning
  • Insect and other pests
Tree Work

To "fell a tree" means more than just cutting it down. It is to cut a tree in such a way that it falls in the desired direction. Felling process involves:-

  • Minimize potential hazards
  • Determine felling direction
  • Plan and clear retreat path
  • Use a proper felling technique
Estate Care

We can provide garden services for any estate, an all year round care policy for your property. We will keep your estate looking its best all year round. Estate care services involve:-

  • Lawns maintained
  • Flower beds tended and maintained
  • Shrub beds maintained and developed
  • Hanging baskets and troughs filled and maintained
  • Hedges cut, shrubs and trees pruned